Forensic/Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

Forensic evaluations are often sought by lawyers or legal teams in order to measure the presence and extent of cognitive change following actual or suspected injury or illness. Forensic evaluations can be utilized by the court to address legal issues such as competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, transfer to adult court, insanity, and risk for violence.

Dr. Thurman can assist your legal team by conducting forensic IMEs, reviewing records, or providing consultation to the courts, as needed. Forensic psychological evaluations typically include a comprehensive clinical interview, review of all relevant records, and a full assessment of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral health.

Expert Witness TestimonyCompetency Evaluations

A competency evaluation can be court-ordered when there is a reasonable basis to believe that competency is an issue. The court will order this evaluation to be completed with a forensic psychologist. Screening tools and guides for conducting evaluations are used to determine competency to stand trial in a case. A competency evaluation is an assessment to determine how much a defendant remembers and understands about their charges and the alleged offense. It is also used to evaluate their capacity to understand court proceedings and assist a lawyer in their defense.

Cases Accepted at Thurman Psychological

The following types of cases are accepted by the practice:

Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witnesses are permitted by the court to testify at a trial based on knowledge and experience in a field that is relevant to the case at hand. Thurman Pyschological LLC is available to provide expert testimony services when it is necessary to prosecute. If we perform evaluations ordered by the court, such as competency, juvenile placement, guardianship, or workman’s compensation evaluations, we may act as an expert witness if the case goes to trial.

Expert Witness Testimony

Psychological testing can be crucial in a variety of cases. We specialize in conducting independent medical examinations in order to assess a person’s mental state, their capacity to provide testimony, or the extent of their mental, emotional, or psychological damages.

Dr. Thurman has offered expert factual testimony in county, state, and federal courts, on topics such as competencies, risk assessment, behavioral health, and psychological trauma.

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